5 Benefits Of Natural Food and Treats For Your Dog

Natural Dog ProductsDogs, like humans, really can benefit from nature-based food and treats in their diet.

Just as people, in their drive to become healthier notice benefits, so too will you notice the benefits for your dog.

After all, do you really know the full contents and additives in the cans, pouches and bags of treats you feed your dog?

It is time to change how we feed our furry friends. And, there is science behind this. Research states that 20%-30% of a complete, balanced diet for your dog should come from plants. 

Still not convinced? Here are five benefits of providing your dog with natural food and treats. 

A rich source of minerals and vitamins

Natural food & treats will help to meet your dog’s nutritional needs, creating a well-balanced diet. Artificial ingredients are excluded in natural foods, welcoming only organic components that are filled with minerals and vitamins such as protein, omega-3, vitamin C, and antioxidants.

Give their fur a smooth and silky glow 

Just like human hair, the quality of a dog’s coat relies on a healthy diet as both are made up of 90% protein. Research reveals that a natural, glossy coat depends on omega-3 and fatty acids, more specifically found in kelp. Enhance your cuddles and snap the perfect shine for your dog spam on Instagram with a natural and healthy diet guaranteed to make their coat glow.

Know exactly what they’re eating

Proving your dog with natural food & treats will help your own peace of mind. Using only natural ingredients means there are no guessing games, you will know exactly what your dog is eating with no nasty surprise of hidden ingredients or preservatives. Real ingredients bring real benefits, and we only want what’s best for our furry friends. 

Healthier digestion 

A well-balanced diet with natural ingredients such as celery seeds will help your dog’s digestive system. When the stomach breaks down food effectively, it can extract all of the essential vitamins and nutrients, which are needed to keep their organs healthy. It also will also make your poop bags last longer. And, if your loving mutt’s kisses are a bit whiffy, it can combat that nasty dog breath. 

Keep them fit and healthy 

Just like with humans, the inclusion of a healthy, natural diet will bring a vast array of health benefits that will keep them fit and active. Organic food works as natural weight control and can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. No matter the age of the dog, from pups to elderly pooches all will reap the advantages of a natural diet. 

At For Petz NI, we have carefully selected the finest natural food and treats for your dog to enjoy as they deserve the best.

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