5 Easy Things We Can All Do To Protect Our Wild Animals


Protect Our Wildlife

Northern Ireland is home to 2,450 different types of wild animals, with the likes of the Irish Hare and the Cryptic Wood White Butterfly being found nowhere else in the UK. Their beautiful songs and colouring bring our parks, fields and towns alive and we have a lot to thank them for.

However, our wildlife is under threat, and we need to take action to sustain it. A report by the National Biodiversity Network states, “Pressures upon wildlife come from many sources, including agricultural management, urbanisation, pollution, hydrological change, woodland management and invasive non-native species”

Several types of wildlife charities have been set up to rescue our injured, abandoned and vulnerable animals such as Ulster Wildlife and Friends of the Earth. These charities work aimlessly to protect and care for our wild animals, and campaign for their livelihoods.

As well as donating to these wonderful charities, there are a few simple things that each of us can do to look after our wildlife at home.

Here are 5 ways that we can all look after our wildlife animals:


Cut Plastic Rings


Although a lot of companies have been scraping the use of plastic rings on milk cartons and packs of beer, there’s a lot that still uses them. The rings can get tangled around beaks, feet and even necks that can cause animals to suffocate or starve. Get into the habit of cutting plastic rings before binning them, to ensure that our wildlife doesn’t face the risk of getting injured or choke on them.


Recycle Your Rubbish


Littering, especially plastics, causes a serious amount of damage to our environment and our wildlife. Thousands of sea creatures die every year after ingesting plastic or becoming entangled in it. Swap to biodegradable products, and dispose of your waste correctly to cut the level of pollution.
Why not even arrange a beach clean-up with family and friends?


Leave Out Food


In the winter months, it can be difficult for our wildlife to find the food they need to survive. Providing birds with birdseed, fruit and table scraps will make all the difference to them as they struggle to find worms, berries and insects. To attract badgers, leave out lightly cooked meats, cheese and peanuts. For foxes, they enjoy boiled potatoes, bread, fat scraps and chicken carcasses. Ensure not to leave too much food out, as this will encourage them to become reliant on the handouts.
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Bird Houses


Birds can benefit from birdhouses all year round. They provide shelter, help to keep them warm and protect them from predators. Birdhouses also encourage birds to mate, creating hope for little cuties in your garden as you get to watch their family grow.
Why not make it into a family activity? They are quite easy to make from scratch, or you can purchase premade ones to paint and decorate.


Save the Bees


Our bee population is dropping at an alarming rate. These busy little workers do so much for us, and our ecosystem. 70 of the top 100 crops that humans consume supply 90% of the world’s nutrition. To help save our bees, you can grow bee-friendly flowers from seed to create a welcoming habitat. Flowers that they love include cornflower, lavender and sunflowers. You can also purchase bee hotels to encourage them to pollinate.


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