6 Products To Keep Your Pet Calm This Halloween

natural products to keep your pet calm at halloweenHalloween is an exciting time for all the family as we share spooky stories and dress up in creepy costumes, but there is one member of the family that won’t be such a fan. 


The RSPCA reported that 45% of dogs feel fear when they hear fireworks, but most pets will find Halloween a difficult time to get through, as the loud and sporadic sound of fireworks fills the skies and echoes down the streets, as well as having more visitors to the house than usual (especially when they’re dressed in scary costumes). 


These events can greatly impact your pet, and there are symptoms of anxiety and nervousness that you can look out for. If you spot that they are shivering, pacing, destroying furniture and hiding, there are a number of things you can do to help to relieve their anxiety and help to keep them calm in moments of need.


As well as giving your pet extra cuddles this firework season and closing all windows and doors to muffle the loud sounds, there are a few products that we sell which will help to keep your furry friend calm and ensure that you all have a fangtastic time together.

Here are 6 products to keep your pet calm this Halloween:


  • HomeoPet Firework 



This easy to use and natural remedy will provide your pet with temporary relief during an anxious period. Simply drop the carefully measured dosage directly into your pets mouth or mix along with food. If your pet is going to be home alone, you can add two doses to their water bowl to allow them to continue being treated as the day goes on and keeping them calm in your absence.


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  • Thundershirt (Dogs)



Available in a range of sizes, the Thundershirt gently hugs your doggo throughout the day to help to keep them calm during troubling periods. It has been reported that 80% of dogs that have used the product showed signs of improvement - not to mention that your pup will be too cute to spook when they wear it. 


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  • Pet Calming Spray 



This unique and clinically proven recipe works alongside your pets neurotransmitters in their brain, allowing it to get to work immediately in a natural way. The product contains a blend of essential oils including Sage, Valerian Root, Sweet Basil and Vetiver that all work together to calm even the most nervous or anxious of pets, welcoming a more peaceful Howl-o-ween.

The Pet Calming Spray is available in 15ml or 200ml, and refill packs are also purchasable. 


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  • Pet Calming Plugin Diffuser 



Do you find it difficult to give your pet anything medicinal? With the pet calming plugin diffuser, you won’t need to worry about the hassle. Simply plug the diffuser in where your pet spends most of their time on a low setting allowing for a slow and ambient release of herbal remedies, and the device will get to work by instantly calming them. 


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  • Herba-Calm Tranquility Tonic 



To use Herba-Calm Tranquility Tonic, all you need to do is drop the herbal mix directly into your dogs mouth, or mix it into their food. The ingredients in this natural blend include Hood Wort and Camomile which are both known for their calming effects, and will help them to be tranquil and serene.


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  • RelaxoPet Pro



The RelaxoPet Pro produces high-frequency sound waves that are comforting for all dog breeds. The device contains a noise-motion system that can detect symptoms of stress in your pooch, and will automatically monitor their stress levels. 

The RelaxoPret Pro lasts 40 minutes on a full battery.


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To see our full range of natural pet products, go to forpetzni.co.uk 

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