6 Things To Consider Before Getting A Puppy

What to Consider When Getting a PuppyThe responsibilities surrounding getting a puppy are often overlooked. Choosing to get a puppy is a lifetime commitment and a lot of consideration needs to be given to making the decision. 

Owning a dog comes with a lot of rewards. Guaranteed loyalty, a friendly and welcoming face every time you come home, and an endless supply of cuddles and kisses. 

Before even considering what dog breed you want, where you will get the pup from, or when you’ll get it, there are a few things you need to think about before committing. 

As owning a dog is a lifetime commitment, here are 6 things to consider before getting your lifetime companion.


Do you have time for the commitment?


Looking after a puppy can be time-consuming. They require a lot of guidance and care as they are learning the ways of the world. Young pups have a lot of energy, meaning they need a lot of attention and play-time, and once they have received their injections, they will also need daily walks. 


Do you have the space?


Although small, puppies need a lot of space. Their energetic nature means they need a lot of space to run around. The space your dog needs depends on its size, breed, personality, and health, but it must have its own space to relax, sleep and run around. 


The cost 


Over lockdown, Dogs Trust reported that there has been an 89% increase in the cost of purchasing a dog. There are also many expenses associated with owning a puppy. Vet bills are increasing with the development of new drugs and advanced equipment, and they do not have an NHS alternative which means individuals have to settle the pricey bills themselves or through an insurance company. Over their lifetime, you can expect to pay anything between £4,600 and £30,800 on them. 


The mess 


We’ve all seen the videos online of guilty dogs when they’ve torn up a piece of furniture or destroyed their human’s shoes, but these aren’t the only mess puppies can get themselves in. Especially during the training period, prepare to clean up a lot of accidents around the house. 


Sleepless nights 


As they adjust to their new lives, puppies have to deal with a lot of changes. Their needy nature and reckless behaviour amount to a lot of interrupted sleep for you and your family. Puppies will regularly whine throughout the night for the first few months, and it will be difficult for you to ignore their cries to allow them to adapt to their new lifestyle. 




Puppies should be introduced to professional grooming once they have received their first course of vaccines. Depending on the breed, most dogs require grooming every 4-6 weeks throughout their lives. This can cost at least £30 each time and should be factored into your pets lifetime. When grooming is part of your pets routine they become accustomed to it and dont see it as a bad thing.

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