6 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Cool and Safe This Summer

6 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Cool and Safe This Summer

6 Tips For Keeping Your Pet Cool & Safe This Summer

July celebrates National Pet Hydration Awareness Month, reminding us of the importance of animal hydration, particularly within the hotter summer months. 

Spending quality time with our pets through playtime and walks are great ways to enjoy the warmer weather together. Our pets depend on us for their hydration and nutritional needs; their dehydration throughout the summer can lead to fatal consequences. 

National Pet Hydration Awareness Month reminds us of the issues surrounding dehydration and any warning signs that pet owners should be aware of, including loss of appetite, lack of playfulness, intense panting and drowsiness. In extreme cases of heat stroke, look out for drooling, collapsing and unresponsiveness. 

Here are 5 ways you can keep your pet hydrated and safe this summer:

  1. Always have water on hand

Make sure that your pet always has fresh water available at home, keep checking and refilling as needed, your pet is likely to drink more in the warmer months. When outside of the home or travelling, our pet travel bottles are a handy way to carry water, acting as a bowl for your pet to drink from. 

Check out the easi pour travel drinker and our new standing travel bottle.

  1. Provide shade

When too hot, your pet will instinctively try to find a cooler place in the shade, it's important to make sure there is somewhere close for them to rest and rehydrate. 

Temperatures around 20C may begin to burn or overheat a dog's paw. Remember to research the temperature before taking animals out on long walks or travelling, try walking them at cooler periods of the day or at night time. 

Our Pop Up Pet TeePee provides the perfect escape for your pets and they are great for providing a shady space for your pet to chill out in. They are very easy to assemble and lightweight, so you can easily take them with you if you’re planning on taking your pet with you on holiday this summer. 

  1. Don’t leave pets unattended in the sun

Always keep an eye on your pets during the hot weather, checking to see that they are hydrated and acting as normal. 

Never leave your pet in an unattended vehicle, particularly in warmer temperatures. The heat within a car or enclosed vehicle far exceeds the actual temperature outside, so it's important to access places that are pet friendly, or opt to leave your pets at home with clean water, in cooler conditions.

  1. Frozen treats

A fun way to keep your pet cool is by using ice cubes, frozen treats or food. Add their favourite wet foods to the PAW 2-IN-1 Slow Feeder & Lick Pad to provide an interactive, fun and hydrating treat.

  1. Cooling vests and pads

If your dog is prone to overheating, cooling pads and vests are quick and easy ways to cool them down. Staying cool for up to 3-4 hours, these convenient products are available in different sizes and keep your pets healthy and happy on those warm summer days, providing a space for them to rest and relax. 

You can find the Ancol Dog Cooling Vest on our website. 

  1. Pop Up Paddling Pool for your Pooch

If you want to switch it up and you have the space in your back yard, why don’t you try setting up a dog friendly paddling pool?

They are a great way to help with overheating and can provide hours of fun for your furry best friend.

Our  Pop Up Dog Paddling Pool features a galvanized spring steel frame that pops up and down in seconds. Made of durable double-wall polyester and shell that is PU coated and waterproof and what’s even better, it can double as a ballpit for enrichment when the weather is no longer hot enough for a splash.

For more tips and handy product recommendations, go to https://forpetzni.co.uk/.

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