Foraging Friendly Treats for Small Pets

Foraging Friendly Treats for Small Pets


Treats for small pets

For Petz NI are now stocking a fresh new range of locally supplied Rabbit & Guinea Pig Treats. These treats are made from Fresh Fruit, Vegetables & Grasses to encourage and promote the natural foraging behaviour in your small pets.


Forget-Me-Not Foraging are a new company who wanted only the best for their small furry friends, they dry fresh fruit, veg and grasses and pack them into variety packs fresh each week.

Some facts about their products that make them stand out from the crowd!

*Their products are 100% natural, not one single additive or extra ingredient!
*Their products are hand-picked, meaning they test every single piece to make sure it is up to standard. If they wouldn’t give it to their pets, they certainly wouldn’t feed it to yours!
*A lot of companies say their products have long life spans whilst their products are in non-sealed packaging! Forget-Me-Not products come in HEAT-SEALED FOOD SAFE bags that ensure the products are kept sealed and they have a best before date on all products. They could type use by to extend it, but they would rather your pet gets the best quality so shorten the span to best before.
*All their packaging is FULLY compliant with legislation. All their products have gone through rigorous laboratory testing!
*They only use fresh produce, if a fruit or vegetable is slightly soft, it does not get used in their products.

e are so excited to have such a healthy and natural product to offer all our rabbit and guinea pig customers! Available to Preorder with first orders being sent out at the beginning of July! With 5 different options available your small pet is spoilt for choice. If you want to spoil them (and why wouldnt you not?!) You should try the Feast Box which includes all 5 options with a saving of £1.95! Priced from £3.49 / bag these are an affordable way to encourage natural foraging behaviour. Check out our Store where you can buy these tasty treats for Rabbits and Healthy Treats For Guinea Pigs.

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