Matching Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs & Their Humans

Matching Halloween Costume Ideas For Dogs & Their Humans

Its Spooky Season but that doesn't mean our busy lives are any less busy, so we have compiled a list of fun costumes you can try out on our beloved pet all in one place to save you some precious time!

Planning a doggy costume party or costume contest?  What about a Halloween doggy parade?

Looking for funny dog costumes?

Or perhaps you are the kind of person that likes to sew “doggy style”!  Pet Halloween costumes are all the rage!

The truth is that you should probably get busy preparing your adorable ball of canine fur for Halloween night!

If you need pet costume ideas, we are here to help your dog steal the show. Why not make it more entertaining and dress up in matching outfits with your dogs.

Big Bad Wolf & Little Red Riding Hood Dog Costume?

This one can be dressed wither way, the possibilities are endless, you could be Little Red Riding Hood while your Dog goes as Big Bad Wolf which is funny if you only own a small dog! Grrrr or if you have another Dog , Grandma is another option too!

The Big Bad Wolf is known as a part of Grimm's Fairy Tales.  Why not choose a Grimm's Fairy Tale that isn't quite as well known?   The Wolf and the Fox could be a fun theme.  Or The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids could but super cute if you will be taking a group of children out trick or treating!

Star Wars Costumes For Dogs

Love Star Wars? Why not dress your furry friend up as Yoda or even an Ewok, you could always dress up as Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia to keep the theme in the family

Food Themed Dog Costumes

Every body loves a 'Hot Dog' Right? Did I go too far? Heres a few food themed costumes you can try out, Hot Dog & Human Fries? Avocado & Toast? What are your favourite food combinations? Anything goes! Its Halloween afterall!

Classic Dog Halloween Costumes

Classic Halloween costumes are called classics because they are easily recognisable, The likes of Minions, Woody & Buzz from Toy Story, Batman & Robin are all easy to pick out!

Super Easy Dog Costumes

If you are last minute and need a super quick Halloween Costume for your Pet here are a few options: A Ghost, very simple can be made from a pillow case cut a few holes and there you have it home made ghost dog. A Cowboy: all you need is a cowboy hat and some string to secure in place! For extra effect why not include a bandana!

Please Remember

Not all dogs enjoy Halloween.  People can look scary and intimidating.  Fearful dogs can panic and protective dogs can become aggressive or show aggressive behaviour's.  It is natural if you understand that your dog doesn't understand the intricacies of Halloween and why humans act so odd one day a year.  Never force a fearful dog or protective or aggressive dog to get involved in this holiday.


Have your very own Halloween Costume contest!

Or, just dress your best friend up for a few classic photo opportunities!  You will thank yourself for years to come!

What is your all time favourite doggy costume that got your dog the most adoration and attention?

Check out our Blog on how to help anxious dogs over Halloween here.

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