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Akela Dog Food

Akela WholePrey believes that all dogs deserve optimum nutrition.

Over millions of years, the canine species has evolved to hunt and eat prey. With sharp canine teeth, high-frequency hearing and a short digestive tract, modern dogs share over 98% of their DNA with their wolf ancestors. We've tailored our recipes to feed your pack.

We offer bespoke recipes in frozen raw, dry kibble, cold-pressed, wet tinned flavours and healthy natural treats. All 100% grain-free, hypoallergenic and proudly made in Great Britain.

Made in UK. 80% Meat. 10Kg from £40 Vet-Approved. What is 80:20 dog food? 80:20 describes the ratio of key components in this superior quality working dog food. 80% meat and animal ingredients, 20% fruit, vegetables and botanicals, NO grains or fillers. 


  • 80% Meat
  • Grain-Free
  • Vet-approved
  • Protein-packed nutrition
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives used
  • No Genetically-Modified ingredients
  • 1000mg/kg Glucosamine Joint Support, Chondroitin, MSM, Prebiotics and Cranberries added for extra healthy benefits
  • Made in Britain

Approximate Akela Dog Food Kibble Sizes:

Small Paws (for small breeds and puppies) 8mm wide x 4mm deep

Medium (regular) 14mm wide x 5mm deep

Big Paws (for large breed adults) 18mm wide x 7mm deep

Akela kibble is extruded with a Thermal Twin extruder using the lowest temperatures possible; producing more digestible foods without the nutrient degradation that can be seen at high-temperature processing. The extrusion and drying processes do not use very high temperatures – just over 90 degrees centigrade (the minimum for safety reasons) and under 180 degrees centigrade - this is lower than a pizza! This means that proteins stay highly digestible and natural vitamins and minerals survive the process better. Some ingredients are added after extrusion too - for example, all vitamin levels stated in the nutritional additive section are added after cooking to guarantee minimum levels. Akela Dog Food

Akela Dog Food & Cat Food

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