Rouskiis Pet Food

Rouskiis Pet Food is a For Petz NI brand, we advocate high quality natural products and when the opportunity arose to supply our wonderful customers with a high quality affordable biologically appropriate Raw Food range, it just made sense! 

Our Range includes UK & Irish high quality fresh human grade meat, we don't include any Fruit or Veg as we believe every dog is individual and have different requirements when it comes to these diet additions. 

If you aren't sure what flavours your dog might like, why not order our 5Kg Trial Pack, which includes 1Kg of frozen sprats, and 2 x 500g of each of our signature flavours; Simply Duck, Simply Chicken, Chicken & Tripe, Beef & Duck. Check out our Raw Feeding Blogs on how to transition to a Raw Food Diet and how to maintain a balanced diet. 

Remember a balanced diet is all about variety! 


Rouskiis Pet Food

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