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Even with Covid19 still in full swing across the nation I am still concerned about the effect that Halloween & Firework Season has on our pets and this year I imagine will be no different. Although its likely all the large and major fireworks displays will be cancelled due to the regulations on social distancing and health & safety, I can imagine people in the communities will still host their own personal fireworks displays. This of course means unplanned explosions at the most unexpected times, and this upsets some pets greatly. See below for our tips to help your pet keep calm this year.

Natural Remedies

The past few years we have been stocking For All Dogkind Calming Treats, these have proven very popular and effective for about 95% of dogs who have been given them in the lead up to Firework Season. They are one of our best sellers in October & November and the customers have found very pleasing results.

" I have never seen Rossi as calm with fireworks going off and I have tried a load of things Thanks Emma "

" Rua is a very anxious dog and is terrified come fireworks season she usually doesn't settle at all, this was her after her Calming Aid Treats whilst fireworks could be heard in the background "

If you want to help keep your pet calm over firework season like Rossi & Rua check out our calming treats which are currently on special offer at £14.99. R.R.P £17.99.

Link to For All Dogkind Calming Treats Here.

Small Pets & Fireworks

Small animals are very easily frightened especially when its firework season, if possible their hutches and cages should be brought indoors or into a shed or garage. If this isn't possible turning the hutch to face a fence can help block out some of the light from fireworks. Provide them with extra bedding to burrow in to help them feel safe. Covering hutches or cages with a duvet or bedding to help muffle the sound is also a good idea but ensure you still allow for ventilation.

Cats & Dogs

Cats and dogs should be kept inside when fireworks are being let off, every year thousands of cats and dogs are found straying or handed into rescue centres around Halloween after being frightened & running off. Dogs should be walked earlier in the evening before fireworks start. Close windows & curtains and block off cat flaps to prevent escapees. It is law for dogs to have microchips in the UK now but cat owners should also consider having their cats chipped so they can always be returned if they go missing.

Make a quiet area in the house for your pet, some may like a den so they can go in there and feel safe. They may pace, make noise or try to hide, this is normal do not try to coax them out, if they are hiding its because that is where they feel safer. If your pet is comforted by your touch speaking to them in a reassuring manner and cuddles can sometimes help keep them calm.

Keep the TV or radio on to muffle the sounds of the fireworks, keeping lights on in the room your pet is will help to to minimize the flashes of light from outside. It is best not to leave your pets along during this stressful time as they can become frightened and/or destructive. If they do soil or destroy anything in the house try not to upset or stress them further by scolding or yelling at them

You should not leave your dog tied up outside a shop when there is a chance of fireworks starting, if a dog feels it cannot get away it can become very fearful and react in unexpected ways. Although it mightn't be a problem this year with events being cancelled you shouldn't take your pets to firework displays either just because they are not shaking or whimpering doesn't necessarily mean they are content with their surroundings, licking lips, panting & yawning are all signs of stress in dogs.

Keep your pets safe this Firework Season <3

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