Akela Goji Berries - Wolfberries - Fruit Treats

Akela Goji Berries - Wolfberries - Fruit Treats for Dogs - Dog Treats - For Petz NI

Akela Wholeprey


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  • Description
  • Akela Goji Berries - Wolfberries - Fruit Treats For Dogs

    • 100% Natural Superfood


    • High in Vitamins and Antioxidants


    • May boost Immune Response


    • May increase Brain Activity


    Akela Goji Berries (or wolfberry) are high in Vitamin A, B2, C, Antioxidants, Riboflavin, Iron, Copper, and micronutrients like Selenium. As with other fruits, they do contain natural sugars so only feed these berries as an occasional treat but the health benefits are worth the daily sugar intake. These berries are a very popular “superfood” with an embarrassingly high number of positive factors. There's evidence to show that they may boost immune response, increase brain activity, lower cancer and heart rate problems and extend life expectancy. These 100% natural Goji Berries are a remarkably healthy treat choice.

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