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  • Rouskiis Raw Working Dog Food is no nonsense - no fuss just pure raw food specifically formulated for your dog! The majority if our mixes are 80-10-10 for your convenience, please see our feeding guide for full details.

    Our "Beef & Duck" mix is a popular blend of 40% Beef & 40% Duck Meat 10% Duck Bone+ & 10% Offal. All our meats are human grade and fresh from Northern Irish & Irish Farms.

    Rouskiis Beef & Duck Mix is a complimentary meal* and a great flavoursome choice for your dog also a good option for dogs who cannot tolerate Chicken.

    Available in 500g or 900g reusable tubs and hand prepared by our producers in Northern Ireland.

    Other options in our Mixed Protein range includes Beef & Chicken and Chicken & Salmon. We are working closely with our producers to bring in more flavours such as Venison & Duck, Lamb & Chicken, Beef & Turkey and Pork & Turkey.

  • Composition 
  • 40% Beef, 40% Duck, 10% Duck Bone, 10% Offal. No additives.

    Analytical Constituents

    Crude Protein (17.6%);

    Crude Fat (14.5%);

    Crude Fibre (0.2%);

    Moisture (65.3%)

    Working Dog Food

    Complimentary Raw Dog Food

    Feeding Guide

    Adult dogs should be fed 2% - 3% of their ideal body weight and puppies 4% - 10% (for more info see our Raw Feeding section on our blog).

    For any queries please contact us directly. Defrost in the fridge and serve. Once defrosted, refrigerate and use within two days. Wash hands after handling any of our products and clean spills with soap and warm water. Do not defrost our product in the microwave or with warm water.

    Although we use human grade food, this product is not for human consumption.

    * We class all of our mixes as complimentary, the reason is for this is that we expect them to be combined over time with other proteins to create a balanced diet for your pet. A complete meal is one that we believe can be fed every day for the pets life without needing to add anything else. In the case of feeding Raw a varied diet should include a range of proteins and depending on the individual dog some may be able to tolerate fruit & veg while others may not. 

    + Bone percentage may vary slightly 


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  • Our Raw Rood is now available for Free Local Collection and a next day delivery service with or Parcelforce24.


    We highly recommend using our subscription service so we can prioritise your Raw Food Delivery and ensure it always leaves us on time meaning you do not run out of your pets food. We encourage our raw food customers to preorder their raw food so we can ensure we have exactly what you need when you need it. Leave a note at checkout if your ordering for collection/delivery the following week.


    Local Collection, is free and available Mon-Sat from Lisburn Dog Groomers, (Mon-Weds-Fri - 8am-4pm, Tues-Thur 8am-7.30pm, Sat 9am-1.30pm), Orders placed before 11am will be ready for collection the same day orders placed after 11am will be ready from the following day.


    Next Day Nationwide Delivery, we dispatch Raw Food Orders on a Tuesday through to Thursday using Parcelforce24 , there is a minimum recommended order quanitity of 6Kg to help prevent defrosting of your order before it is delivered. 


    We rarely have issues with food defrosting too much but environmental factors can be an issue on occasion, please note due to the extra oils in fish products these regularly arrive slightly defrosted because the oils never fully freeze, this is normal and will not cause any issues.


    Packaging,  our raw food is sealed in plastic bags then wrapped in aluminium insulation roll within a cardboard box, we have trialled many options for packaging and this gives us good results and lowest costs for our customers, should you have any issues please let us know when your order arrives.