Natural Remedies to help your dog recover from Vomiting & Diarrhoea

Natural Remedies to cure diarrhoea in dogs

We all hate to see our pups being sick or upset from the effects of feeling under the weather. Vomiting & Diarrhoea can both lead to fluid loss & dehydration and it is important that you get a handle on severe cases as soon as possible. If it has been a case of your dog has over eaten or eaten something that hasn't agreed with him here are some tips on how to help him recover from his sickness. 

We recommend you choose to use Herbal & Homeopathic remedies over drug store medications, here are a few suggestions to help aid your pets recovery.

Digestive Aid

We like to use Dorwest Tree Barks Powder, this includes just two ingredients 'Slippery Elm' & 'White Poplar Bark'. Both of these powders assist in slowing down the passing of food, it also increases the absorption of nutrients & firms up their stools, allowing your pet to recover by also easing any discomfort they are feeling.

Dorwest Treebarks Powder is highly digestible and suitable for all ages of dog from puppies right through the the oldies. It is an especially useful tool when weaning puppies and is also a great aid in helping your dog recover from illness. For dogs suffering long term or intermittently from digestive issues it is also safe to use. 

As a side note Dorwest Tree Barks Powder is also suitable for cats. 


To help your pets digestive system get back on track a high quality probiotic such as Four Leaf Rover Protect will be your dogs best friend. Protect is a soil based probiotic, soil based probiotics are more robust and can survive changes in pH & temperature unlike many other probiotics, this allows them to colonise better and fulfil health benefits. 

Protect also contains Saccharomyces Boulardii which help to fight off yeast & Candida it's a good probiotic yeast that stops diarrhoea and helps to support your dogs gut & immune system. This is also a great product to address diarrhoea that stems from antibiotic use, so we recommend giving these to your pet if you vet gives them antibiotic treatment.

Withhold Food 

Even when your dog is no longer projectile vomiting or having explosive diarrhoea we recommend withholding their food a little while longer. Their digestive tract will be aggravated from the vomiting & diarrhoea so we recommend withholding food and keeping them well hydrated for 6-8 hours following their last bout of sickness to allow the herbal remedies to help settle the gut.

Once your dog can keep down food we recommend introducing some marrow bone broth once you are sure he can keep that down we suggest gradually work up to light meals starting with our homemade chicken soup recipe shown below:

3 to 4 chicken thighs
6 cups of water
(optional) celery, carrot and cauliflower

Add chicken thighs to water. Heat to a boil and simmer for 1½ to 2 hours. Remove the skin and bones and save the meat and broth. Use the broth to cook 1 to 2 cups of chopped vegetables for 20 minutes. Allow it to cool before serving. Start your dog off with small amounts (a few teaspoons for very small dogs, up to ½ to 1 cup for larger dogs).

Wait 4 hours between meals to make sure diarrhoea and vomiting don’t start again. and gradually increase the amount. Continue with this food for a few days until he’s completely recovered, before putting him back on his normal diet.

**If your dog does not show signs of improvement or there is blood in his stools or he appears very lethargic or unresponsive seek veterinary advice immediately.

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