Marrow Bone Broth Recipe for Dogs & Cats

Marrow Bone Broth Recipe for Dogs & Cats

Is Bone Broth good for Dogs & Cats?

This is a very common question and the answer is yes Bone Broth is good for dogs! Bone Broth is also good for cats too! 

Bone broth is a bowl full of delicious and nutritious minerals and nutrients that dogs & cats love … its great to see so many people looking for natural ways to improve their pets health and we are here to show you just how easy it is to make bone broth for your dog so they can enjoy this super tasty & nutritious treat.

Your dog will most certainly appreciate that you have gone the extra mile to improving their health naturally.

Why would you want to make bone broth for your dog or cat?

  • Helps maintain a healthy gut, especially for dogs or cats with digestive issues
  • Supports your dog’s immune system and detoxes his liver
  • Helps protect his joints
  • Is full of minerals, including silicon, sulphur, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus


The next question is how can you make bone broth for your Dog/Cat?

Follow our step by step easy guide below to make your own easy Bone Broth for your pet.

1. We use a slow cooker for our bone broth recipe but occasionally if we are in a hurry we will also use our pressure cooker. You can use a pot on your hob but it needs to cook all day or night which is only ok if you are going to supervise. I fill the pot with bones, I use a mixture of marrow bones and chicken feet. Occasionally ill add some garlic, if you prefer not to use garlic that is ok too.

You can also use left over bones from your own meals they will still add plenty of goodness into the broth.

2. Fill the pot with water ensuring you have covered the bones by at least 2 inches of water, now we add the most important part of this recipe, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, I add about 3 - 4 Tablespoons to my Slow Cooker this is the magic ingredient that makes sure your broth has all of that great and healthy gelatin in it … it also pulls the nutritious minerals out of the bones.

3. Turn your slow cooker on high for an hour then on low for a further 24 hours, you can leave it cooking longer but I find I can get a good jelly like consistency after a day.

4. Once complete you should strain the bones out of your broth, as these are now cooked they should not be fed to your dogs, I put them in our brown compost bin.

5. (Optional) This isn't necessary but you can add additional veg or herbs if you want to, I do this occasionally and use them as part of my dogs veg intake when required. Add these when you have switched your slow cooker off and allow them to gently heat up while the broth cools.

6. Let It Cool, Once your broth as cooled remove the hard layer of white/cream colour fat at the top and toss it in the brown bin,  under this layer of fat your bone broth should resemble Jelly, this means it is full of gelatin & is super nutritious! 

This Jelly is what helps any pet who may be suffering from leaky gut which causes allergies and gut upset. It will also help your pets joints so the more jelly-like, the better!

If your broth doesn’t look like jelly, don’t worry … it just means you didn’t add enough vinegar. Next time just add a little more vinegar and your next batch will be just fine!

7. Storing your bone broth, this recipe will store ok in the fridge for a few days if you have plenty of dogs to use it up or you can pour it into silicon moulds and freeze them! They can be defrosted or fed frozen

Having a supply of bone broth in your freezer is a super idea … bone broth is incredibly nutritious and healing for sick dogs (think chicken soup). So make sure you have some on hand for emergencies.

8. Feed it to your dog, who has most likely been drooling since you switched the cooker on!

Bone Broth is food not medicine, so I'm not too fussy about how much I feed but I usually give a few large tablespoons with a meal or use a frozen paw from the freezer!

So there you have it … it’s incredibly easy to make bone broth and your dogs will love the taste and reap the health benefits! 

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