Salt Bath for Goldfish - Healing your Goldfish Naturally.

Salt Bath For Fish - Healing Fish with Salt Bath - For Petz NISalt Baths - Healing your Goldfish Naturally.

Although Goldish are freshwater fish and salt isn't part of their natural habitat, salt has many healing benefits and their bodies do benefit from a small amount of salt.

Salt baths can reduce stress, repair damage done by lack of oxygen, bacteria or parasite infections, and ammonia, nitrite, nitrate poisoning, they can also be beneficial to helping goldfish suffering from Swim Bladder Disease and can also restore the fish's vitality. We recommend only using Aquarium Salts, other salts can contain anti-caking agents and iodine both of which can be harmful in long term use.

Salt bathing should never be combined with other medications, it should always be completed either before or after any medication treatments. Use caution when salt bathing your fish and only for the recommended times. Never leave your goldfish alone during treatment.

How to do salt baths

You will need a Container Free of Contaminants - we recommend washing your container using conditioned water, we use Seachem Prime to condition water.

If your water parameters are good we recommend using aquarium water for your bath, if you are unsure your tank water is healthy use fresh water treated with a conditioner to removed chlorine & chloramines. If using fresh water ensure it is the same temperature (within 1oC) as your tank water so you do not shock your fish.

We recommend using API Aquarium Salt. You will need half a teaspoon of salt per 5L of water. Dilute the salt in 1/4 cup of warm water making sure the granules have dissolved. Mix this into your prepared container with the Aquarium or Treated water.

Place your Goldfish in the treatment container, remember do not leave him alone and always monitor for signs of stress, if he becomes stressed place him back in the main tank. The recommended treatment time is 1 - 3minutes, don't leave the fish in here any longer than this.

If your goldfish becomes stressed they might also lose consciousness but revive when returned to the main tank. Remember not to combine with other medications and do not overuse. Becoming familiar with the side effects of any medication, whether for goldfish or humans, is always a good idea.

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