Which Dry Dog Food Kibble Is Best?

Which Dry Dog Food Kibble Is Best?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we hear. Everybody wants to know what dog food is best? 

Unfortunately it isn't as simple as finding the 'best dog food'... every dog is an individual and therefore there is no food that will suit every dogs needs. 

Finding the best food suitable for your dog may take a bit of trial and error, some dogs may be intolerant to certain proteins or grains for example while others have no issues and could be perfectly fine on a lower quality brand of food.

Starting Point

We always encourage people to check out the All About Dog Food Directory , you can input your dogs details and get a list of foods that might be suitable for your dogs needs, and although you may not find the exact food for your pet right away it certainly narrows down the search when there are 100s of brands available.

The better rating the food has on All About Dog Food it is expected this food would be better for your dog but again all dogs are individuals and some may not settle on one food over another.

Foods We Sell

At For Petz NI we only want to offer the best for your pets and we use the ratings on All About Dog Food to help determine what we believe would be suitable to add to our range of foods on offer.

We only sell Dry Foods that rate 75% or higher, the reason we have chosen 75% as our marker for dry foods is so that we can offer a good quality nutritional food at an affordable price as some of the higher rated foods are also higher priced.

Our Wet Foods are also rated at 75% or higher, we have a wide variety of single proteins which are highly beneficial when trying an elimination diet.

Raw Foods are naturally rated higher as they literally only contain fresh Bone, Organ & Meat along with veg and fruit in some cases, with minimal if any processing at all.

Our 4 Best Rated Dry Foods


Orijen Dry Food is our top rated Dry Food we sell coming in at a fantastic 95%, containing Natural Ingredients and a High Meat content as well as being grain free makes it a great hypoallergenic choice for dogs with allergies.

The basic Orijen Range includes a Puppy Food, Large Breed Puppy Food, Small Breed Food, Adult Food, Senior Food and a Fit & Trim Food. We also stock their additional flavours including Regional Red and Six Fish.

Depending on the flavour an bag size the feeding of Orijen is a little more expensive than feeding some other brands however with a food of such high nutritional quality that contains 85-95% Fresh Meat if it agrees with your individual dog the you can be rest assured your dog is on a good diet.

Acana Dog Food is a sister company to Orijen Dog Food, and again they have a very high rating on All About Dog Food, coming in between 91-94%, Acana is a 70-30 food which contains 70% Meat and 30% Veg, Fruit & other botanicals.

Acana is a Biologically appropriate dog food much like the Orijen and is made using regional fresh ingredients, it has a slightly lower Meat Content which may be more suitable for some dogs.

Again hypoallergenic and therefore contains no grains making is suitable for dogs with grain intolerances, this food comes in a large range from Small Breed Puppy right through to foods for senior dogs.Orijen & Acana Dog Food FREE Sample | Free UK Delivery

Carnilove 'Fresh' Dog Food is next on our best rated list, the Fresh Range by Carnilove is a Grain Free, Potato Free formula made with Fresh Meats for Adult Dogs of all breeds and rates at a very tasty 91-92% on All about Dog Food.

The Carnilove Fresh Range is a 80-20 diet containing 80% Meat & Fish and 20% Forest Fruits, Veggies & Herbs, the 80-20 diet for Dogs is extremely popular and is based on the diet of their ancestors.

Available in one flavour for small breed dogs which has a smaller kibble size and two delicious flavours for Adult dogs. Carnilove Fresh Chicken & Rabbit Dry Food for Adult Dogs - NTVet Veterinary  Est. | مؤسسة التقنية الجديدة البيطرية

Akela Dog Food is next on our list rating at 88-90% this 80-20 diet is one of our best sellers, it is sold VAT free which keeps the price down a bit making it one of the most affordable high quality foods on our list.

Akela only use the finest ingredients, sourced as locally and sustainably as possible. Animal welfare is important to them so they only use meats from cage-free sources. The result is a more nutritious and natural product that we are proud to supply.

Available in 5 tasty flavours, and 3 different kibble sizes, there should be something suitable for your dog.

Akela 80:20 Dry Kibble Complete Working Dog Food - Canine

 Any of the foods we sell come highly recommended thanks to the rating system at All About Dog Food, we are more than happy to advise based on your dogs needs and are only ever an email or phone call away.


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