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You’re probably familiar with the wet food in cans, but we also stock it in pouches. Both come in small sizes, making it easy to provide a variety of different flavours, and for some, smaller sizes may make portion control easier

Wet cat food has at least 65 percent or more moisture content. As a result we recommend wet food should not be left out for more than 30 to 60 minutes at a time to prevent bacterial growth. Uneaten food can usually be stored covered in a fridge until the next mealtime, see labels on individual brands for more information.

Wet cat food offers many benefits, though, including:

  • Textures and ingredients cats love
  • Easier for cats to chew
  • More variety in diet
  • Helps increase total water intake

Although feeding wet food to your cat seems special or indulgent, it’s more than a snack or treat. Wet cat food is 100 percent complete and balanced and can be an essential part of any cat’s diet. 

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